World’s Best Christmas Movie?

How do you own Christmas? OneTen created a social media campaign aimed at redirecting the conversation toward something DISH can own: TV. We raised the question of whether or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie and flooded social channels with posts to engage audiences and encourage interactions.


DISH Can Own That Too

DISH doesn’t do video games, so how could we capitalize on National Video Game Day? OneTen created a Tecmo Bowl video to coincide with the beginning of football season.

Leader in Voice

Control your TV with your Voice

Only DISH lets you control your TV with your voice. To announce our new partnerships with both Amazon and Google, we flooded our social channels with voice-focused promotions. We created a recognizable lockup of the voice-control technology DISH offers as a brilliant celebration of TV and technology.


Any Reason to Celebrate TV

We Love TV and we’ll take any opportunity to show it. Organic posts were sourced for national holidays, season premieres, and new releases. We worked to tie all these events back to DISH to help boost engagement rates.

National Lampoon’s Vacation