Your Smart Home made easy.

OnTech gives you all the best Smart Home brands plus professional installation, education, and advice from certified techs. Our goal is to simplify technology, save you time, and bring you joy. OneTen was tasked with designing the ecommerce site and launch campaign for this new direct-to-consumer brand.

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You do you. We’ll do the rest.

We hit the ground running by developing OnTech’s positioning statement, brand guidelines, and messaging playbook. At the same time, look and feel began to crystalize through website prototyping, UX work, and initial design comps.

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Making the complex simple
and the simple extraordinary.

OnTech launched in 14 cities nationwide with a goal of making Smart Home technology accessible to all. Our “magic act” is to transform the complex into the simple by sharing knowledge and applying it practically. This “tech-but-not-technical” philosophy informed the entire customer experience, from the website and branding to the in-home visit and the way we interact with and talk to people.

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Dish Business