DISH Media


Hitting the million-dollar jackpot.

We were tasked with creating an annual sales campaign for DISH Media, which provides advertisers with intelligent solutions to efficiently maximize exposure to audiences across DISH and Sling TV. The project, an evolution of the previous year’s successful “We Get People” campaign, would play an instrumental role in driving the group’s annual sales revenues of over $250M.

Dish Media Slaes


With the convergence of traditional and digital TV, we needed to move fast to position ourselves as an industry leader.

It was critical to articulate how DISH Media could solve one of today’s most pressing needs: to help brands navigate the ambiguity of a quickly evolving TV landscape. This formed the genesis of our new tagline, “smarter solutions for a smarter audience.”

Dish Media Slaes


Like any sales organization, their frontline staff were the lifeblood of the business. The living and breathing heart of the brand itself.

Dealing with clients on a daily basis, their salespeople were not only our brand mouthpiece, but our creative sounding board, too. The cornerstone of their toolkit was an interactive sales presentation, fronted by a sizzle video, which set the tone for meetings by speaking to the changing viewing habits, consumer perceptions, and trends in TV. It was supported by a refresh of their corporate website, media kits, case studies, product videos, and other collateral.

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“The strongest upfront presentation I’ve seen in my six years at DISH.”

The campaign was warmly received by executive leadership and sales team alike, with many seasoned veterans claiming it was the best sales-support effort they’d ever seen. This was a testament to our ability to listen to key stakeholders, address their unique needs, and deliver a campaign that empowered individuals with the tools to succeed at every level of the organization.